Our next level 1 class begins Thursday September 11 at 7pm or Saturday September 13th at 10am. Class then runs 6 weeks once a week every Thursday or Saturday. Please call ahead for reservations. Cost for 6 week course: $115

IMG_0267One of our top priorities at A Small World Doggie Daycare is to promote the overall health and well being of your dog.  We strive for excellence in both the physical health and the mental health of your dog.  Throughout the day your dog gets exercise playing with fellow daycare doggies.  Mental stimulation is received through interaction and training with our knowledgeable staff.  “Quick train” sessions are provided as a complimentary service during daycare.

Day Training

30 Minute Day Training Sessions are offered by our professional dog trainers while your dog is in doggy daycare.  The dog will get an individual training session with a follow up report that will go home with your dog.  When dropping your dog off please let us know what behavior or skill you would like him/her to work on that day and the trainers will do the rest.


Group classes are taught by our Amy and Adele, our dog trainers.  Classes are fun and help to strengthen the bond between dog and dog owner.  Our classes also promote owner education.
Classes are taught using positive methods and reward based training.  Working with positive reinforcement, dogs and owners enjoy class and look forward to training.
The “thinking dog” is another concept that is utilized during classes.  This means that owners encourage dogs to figure out the desired behaviors by logical progressions of smaller behaviors.  A dog that is taught in this manner better learns the desired behavior because THEY are the ones to offer the behavior.

New classes will be starting in September 2014.  When dropping off you dog please ask for our upcoming class schedule.  Private in home training sessions are also available.

Level 1 Class Curriculum

This course is designed so that our clients and their dogs learn both “foundation skills” and “behaviors.”
A foundation skill is a skill that a dog owner and/or his dog need to know in order to enable a lifetime of successful learning.  There are ten foundation skills in this curriculum (see below); five for the dog to learn and five for the owner.
A “behavior” is a specific action that is put on cue, such as a sit, come or down.

Week One:

Welcome and logistics
Using Reinforcement
Clicker Mechanics
Watch Me L1
Let’s Sit L1

Week Two:

Capturing and Shaping Games
Sit and Stay L2
Loose Leash Walking L1
Go to Your Mat L1
Targeting L1

Week Three:

Capturing and Shaping Games
Down L1
Loose Lease Walking L2
Recall L1
Good to Your Mat L2
Targeting L2

Week 4:

Down L2
Leave It L2
Loose Leash Walking L3
Recall L2
Good to Your Mat L3
Greet with a Sit L3
Targeting L3

Week 5:

Down L3
Leave It L3
Loose Leash Walking L4
Recall L3
Go to Your Mat L4

Week 6

Review All Behaviors

Foundation Skills:

Give eye contact, offer behavior, respond to a cue, targeting and self control.Clicker mechanics, reinforcement not correction, shaping, cueing and observation.


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Why Choose Us?

  • We limit the number of daycare dogs so that your dogs receive a lot of interaction.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed! Your dog’s stay will be the best that it can be.
  • Petting, loving, brushing, playing, and learning are all part of your dog’s stay.

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