Doggie Boarding

Going on vacation? Put your doggie on vacation too!

Spend the night with us!  A Small World Doggie Daycare offers overnight boarding for your pet for just $10/night*.  After a fun day of play and instruction, your dog can spend the night at our facility and you can be secure in the knowledge that your pet is in excellent hands. We monitor your dog during the night for added security and peace of mind.

We have sizable enclosures available for night time that allow room for your dogs bed, toys, food and enough space to move to around; we also have large kennels as well if that’s what your dog prefers? We are fully equipped to accommodate every need your dog may have during their stay at our facility. 

You’re going away and need someone to care for your dog.  What do you do?  We offer hassle free boarding while you are away. We minimize any potential stressors and make your dog’s stay fun and comfortable. You can rest assured that we will give your dog a vacation that is just as great as your own! Any special requests?  Let us know what they are and we’ll do our best to accommodate both you and your dog.

Boarding Tips

A Small World Doggie Daycare provides the doggie beds, doggie kennels, snacks, and love.  While boarding we do not want to alter your dogs diet so please bring in your own food and any medications. If your dog is more comfortable with their own bed, blanket and kennel, please feel free to bring them in.

Before any boarding stay, your dog will need to spend a day of daycare with us.  This first day of daycare is FREE!  The reason for the pre boarding stay day of daycare is to familiarize your dog with the daycare environment before you leave your dog for a number of days. This will help with your dog’s adjustment to your absence. In participating in daycare before any boarding stay, your dog can have a great day of fun and instruction and return home with you that night.  When it is time for your doggie’s boarding stay with us, they can be more comfortable knowing that their human mommies and daddies will return. Please bring your dog’s regular food and clearly label each meal so that they will not suffer any digestive upsets. Bring any medication that they are on in a container with the name of the medication, amounts to be given, and the prescribing vet’s information.

Upon check in, A Small World Doggie Daycare’s Team Member will ask for your dog’s feeding instructions and you may inform us of any additional services that you may want during your dog’s stay. After 5 consecutive days with us, we’d like to freshen up your pooch for your return.  Upon your request, we will offer a COMPLIMENTARY bath.