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A Different Kind Of Daycare

DCIM100SPORTA Small World Doggie Daycare is different in that we don’t just aim to put dogs in a social setting, but we place emphasis on proper socialization.  Our staff has a genuine interest in canine behavior and carefully observes the dogs so that interactions are positive ones.
Our daycare staff studies the latest in canine research to better provide innovative care for your dogs.  From facility design- installing sound mitigation to provide a less stressful environment- to having a structured daily curriculum, A Small World Doggie Daycare will provide the best in care for your dogs.


At A Small World Doggie Daycare and Boarding we have your dog’s health, comfort, and safety in mind.
Research has demonstrated that noise is a physical stressor on animals that can lead to behavioral, physiological, and anatomical responses.  With this in mind, our daycare design has incorporated sound mitigation to create the best environment for the mental health of your dogs.
To further provide for a mentally healthy environment, music designed to soothe your dog is played throughout the facility.
For your dog’s comfort in both the summer heat and the winter cold, our facility is fully temperature controlled. Air is constantly being circulated and filtered throughout the facility.
Cleanliness is a top priority in our facility.  We are always on the lookout for doggie accidents and quickly clean up any messes that the dogs make.  Additionally we have designated potty areas that are fitted with anti microbial K9Grass®.  K9Grass is an artificial turf designed specifically for dogs and features Pet-safe AlphaSan® antimicrobial agents that are manufactured into the blades to protect against bacteria and other microbes.
Even our water is clean!  We provide fresh, filtered water to your dogs throughout their full day of instruction and romping.
For added safety during play we have equipped our floors with rubber flooring.  This type of flooring provides added traction, cushioning, and support for your dogs.  Dogs are free to run, jump, and play with less stress on their joints.
Play apparatus is also designed with your dog’s safety and mental stimulation in mind.  Dogs will learn to navigate steps, ramps, and tunnels as they interact with their daycare friends.


Quick Train
A huge perk of being a part of our daycare family is that we offer COMPLIMENTARY “Quick Train” sessions.  These sessions are conducted throughout the day by our staff to further cement any known cues that your dog may know as well as teach your dog some new cues.  These sessions are helpful in that it challenges your dog to follow cues with the added distraction of the other dogs being nearby.
We also work on everyday situations such as dog handling (touching ears, paws, looking at teeth), dog recall, desensitization to new objects, to name a few activities.
Short training sessions keep the cues fresh and exciting for your dog, making training an activity that your dog enjoys and looks forward to.
Formal classes for dog and owner are offered after daycare hours so that you may add to, and catch up on,  what your doggie has learned!

Knowledgeable Staff
Our staff is well trained, knowledgeable, and has a genuine interest in dogs and dog behavior.  On a weekly basis the staff discusses articles on different aspects of dog behavior and how the research may benefit our daycare dogs. Dog training techniques and the study of dog language are a part of staff curriculum so that our staff is well equipped to understand and communicate with your dogs.
Staff is also trained in Dog CPR and First Aid techniques and will be the first responders for your pet should the need arise.
Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) are on staff and work with your dog during the day.  Staff works with your dogs using positive training techniques and are members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). You can be comfortable in knowing that your dog will be receiving positive training during their daycare stay.
Customer service is of utmost importance and we strive for the best for both you and your dog.  Each member of our daycare staff looks forward to working with you and having you join our daycare family.
We all love our dogs and want to know what they are up to during the day.  The internet makes this possible via webcams and live video feeds from the daycare.  Log on to our webcams and catch some of the Quick Train sessions as well as see the fun that your dogs are having with their two legged (staff) and their four legged friends.
***Webcams will not be available for public viewing during the night for security purposes.  Overnight guests will be monitored by staff in person and/or via webcams (staff are only a few minutes drive from the facility).


A Small World Doggie Daycare
29821 Aventura Suite A
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
Call 949-713-3291 or Text 949-702-6457

Why Choose Us?

  • We limit the number of daycare dogs so that your dogs receive a lot of interaction.
  • Your dog’s stay will be the best that it can be.
  • Petting, loving, playing, and learning are all part of your dog’s stay.

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