Why Choose Us

A Different Kind Of Daycare

A Small World Doggie Daycare is different in that we don’t just aim to put dogs in a social setting, but we place emphasis on proper socialization. Our staff has a genuine interest in canine behavior and carefully observes the dogs so that interactions are positive ones.

Facility And Team

At A Small World Doggie Daycare, we have your pup’s health, comfort, and safety in mind. Our daycare is designed to have a Family-like atmosphere with everyday household noises. We have plenty of toys, comfy, lounging furniture, and lots of space to run and play.

For your dog’s comfort in both the summer heat and winter cold, our facility is fully temperature controlled. Air is continuously being circulated and filtered. At our facility, cleanliness is a top priority as this promotes good pup health. Pup messes are immediately picked up and cleaned. Freshwater is provided all day and night.

Our team has a genuine interest in pups, and we genuinely care about their well-being. Daily huddles are conducted to discuss each pup’s temperament and needs to ensure continuity of care and to promote safe play. We also strive to keep you informed during your pup’s stay. We are text-friendly and will send you pictures and videos. Customer service is of utmost importance, and we strive to be the best for both you and your pup. Each team member at A Small World Doggie Daycare looks forward to working with you and having your pup join our family!