IMG_0629A Small World Doggie Daycare is a newly renovated space conveniently located in Plaza Empresa in the city of Rancho Santa Margarita.  The daycare is not a daycare warehouse but is instead a fully air conditioned facility, providing fresh water, lots of toys and the cleanest dog daycare you’re going to find anywhere. Emphasis is placed on proper socialization so that dogs go home tired and HAPPY.

Day Care Tips

At A Small World Doggie Daycare, we look out for the well being of your dog and want you to have peace of mind when having to be away from your furry family member. We want both you and your dog to feel comfortable with us so your first day of daycare is always FREE. During this first free day we see how your dog responds to the daycare environment. We also believe in our product and offer this first day free so that both you and your dog get a chance to become acquainted with what we offer. We want to make sure that the match is a good one. You can try  us out and see WHAT MAKES OUR DAYCARE DIFFERENT, free of charge.
On this first day, consider dropping your dog off early in the morning so that your dog will have extra time to get comfortable in his new play/learning space.  Being the “new kid on the block,” your dog may have new student jitters.  By being there early, your dog will have the opportunity to sniff and greet each dog that enters rather than being the one sniffed as he enters.


A Small World Doggie Daycare
29821 Aventura Suite A
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
Call 949-702-6457

Why Choose Us?

  • We limit the number of daycare dogs so that your dogs receive a lot of interaction.
  • Your dog’s stay will be the best that it can be.
  • Petting, loving, playing, and learning are all part of your dog’s stay.

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