We believe in our product and the need for a healthy dog daycare and boarding environment. We provide our services for dog owners that are looking for that something extra.

  • Discounts for Veterans, Seniors, & Students: $5 off per day of daycare or $5 off per night of boarding
Daycare (Buy a Pass and save more!)Rates
1 Dog Pass--
1 Day$35
5 Days$150 (breaks down to $30/day)
10 Days$275 (breaks down to $27.50/day)
20 Days$500 (breaks down to $25/day)
30 Days$675 (breaks down to $22.50/day)
40 Days$800 (breaks down to $20/day)
Apply it to a boarding stay and add $15 per night!
2 Dog Pass
1 Day$60
5 Days
$275 (breaks down to $55/day)
20 Days$900 (breaks down to $45/day)
30 Days$1,200 (breaks down to $40/day)
40 Days$1,400 (breaks down to $35/day)
Apply it to a boarding stay and add $25 per night!
1 Dog BoardingRate 2 Dogs BoardingRate
1-4 Nights$35/day $15/night1-4 Nights$60/day $30/night
5-8 Nights$32.50/day $15/night5-8 Nights$55/day $30/night
9-16 Nights$30/day $15/night9-16 Nights$50/day $30/night
17-24 Nights$27.50/day $15/night17-24 Nights$47.50/day $30/night
25+ Nights$25/day $15/night25+ Nights$45/day $30/night
Daycare rate for pick-ups after 12pm
Add a bath for only $25!

After 5 nights, get a complimentary bath!


A Small World Doggie Daycare
29821 Aventura Suite A
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
Call 949-702-6457

Why Choose Us?

  • We limit the number of daycare dogs so that your dogs receive a lot of interaction.
  • Your dog’s stay will be the best that it can be.
  • Petting, loving, playing, and learning are all part of your dog’s stay.

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